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Mickaela Green
Interim Head of Property, Planning, Highways, Contracts & Procurement

Mickaela McMurty LGSS Law

“LGSS Law is a unique law firm, it provides dedicated legal services to the community our clients serve, which provides a great sense of pride and achievement to us. The team within the firm are very dedicated and an absolute joy to work with. I am looking forward to developing the law firm and being part of the next phase.”

I did not set out to become a local authority lawyer but I am very lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity, to see the work I undertake impact the community our clients serves, provides with a massive sense of achievement and pride.

I commenced my legal career at Norwich City Council in 2006 and qualified as a solicitor in 2009. Norwich City Council then formed Nplaw with Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council in October 2010 and within this setting I undertook a solicitor role specialising in property and planning.

After developing from a legal officer to a qualified solicitor in Norfolk and undertaking work for a variety of council clients, some existing and some new, I decided to spread my wings to another county and joined LGSS Law as a property lawyer in May 2013 who conducted work for Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Council. From here I have been able to develop my existing knowledge and undertake new areas of law which has been challenging but I have thoroughly enjoyed the work and the people I work for.

In April 2016 I progressed to a Principal Lawyer role and in June 2018 to the Interim Head of Property, Planning and Highways, Contract and Procurement. Now I am part of the leadership team, I am looking forward to the next phase and progression of LGSS Law Limited.

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